Advanced Usage

Creating Your Own Custom Level Methods

If the built-in level mixins don’t satisfy your need to be different, you can create your own traits similar to the included ones. Here’s an example of creating a super low-level method called whisper.

import org.scalawag.timber.api._
import org.scalawag.timber.api.level._
import org.scalawag.timber.api.BaseLogger._

trait Whisper { _: BaseLogger =>
  /** Override to customize the level at which calls to `whisper` create entries. */
  protected[this] val whisperLevel:Level = 0
  def whisper(message:Message)(implicit location:LogCallLocation):Unit = log(whisperLevel,Set.empty)(message)(location)
  def whisper(tags:TraversableOnce[Tag])(message:Message)(implicit location:LogCallLocation):Unit = log(whisperLevel,tags)(message)(location)

val log = new BaseLogger with Emergency with Fatal with Finest with Whisper

Of course, you don’t need to use this pattern. This may just be easier because it’s copy-and-paste from the built-in mixin level traits. It also allows you to mix in other built-in traits as well. You could just as easily subclass BaseLogger and add whatever methods you want, ignoring the above pattern altogether.

import org.scalawag.timber.api._

class MyLogger extends BaseLogger {
  def scream() = log(10000)("AAAARGH!")

val log = new MyLogger
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